Vivid lighting 2016 Sydney

Vivid light-art in the centre of Sydney

In the middle of June in Sydney the Vivid lighting festival starts. This unique festival is interesting for tourists and local people and has a big impact on the whole city. Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, innovative light installations and grand-scale projections. All lighting objects are available for free.


This article is about an art object with the name “Sweep”. The Sweep object is very interesting because it uses dynamic lighting, original form and deep meditation idea. LEDs are controllable and located inside one hundred acrylic tubes standing four meters tall. When viewed from a distance this object provides the illusion of flying light with softly pulsing light and slowly moving tubes from the breeze.

Everything changes if you come closer and walking through the Sweep you will feel a sense of deep mediation as the large individual lights move softly and gracefully above and around them. You will be relaxing after Sweep and get into good mood because dynamic lighting has a gently calming effect.

Technical details:

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015,

Programmable LED light costumes

Fashion is the way to demonstrate our individuality to the world. It is about being creative and different. Technological influences are growing more apparent in the fashion industry. Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends. Developments, such as wearable LED lights technology, have become an important trend in fashion and soon will enter into our live.

Controllers are getting smaller and it is possible now to create small but robust systems which are suitable for commercial use. Ideas, which were implemented by LED DIY enthusiasts only, now are making their way to world class fashion shows.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015, with Behati Prinsloo walking down the runway wearing LED fireworks costume, is a good example. Continue reading

LED lighting bokeh

DIY programmable Christmas lights, components overview

This article is about the components needed for creating your own DIY programmable Christmas lights. If you already have some components like addressable LED strips you can use them or purchase additional ones to make your exterior even more beautiful and attractive. You should be careful and figure out if your selected components are compatible.


The main components to start your own DIY programmable Christmas lighting are:

  1. Addressable LED strip
  2. Pixel controller (Controller specifically designed for LED strips)
  3. Media content (or effects generator)
  4. Power supply

Summary about addressable LED

An addressable RGB LED strip is a long flexible strand of LEDs each of which can be individually set to a certain color (hence: addressable). By varying the level of red, green and blue (RGB) per LED many color combinations can be made. Usual LED strips consist from LED + IC chip. The chips between the LEDs listen to commands from a controller. This can be an Arduino or other micro-controller or a controller specifically designed for LED strips (aka pixel controller). If you don’t know which LED strip to select there is a tons of information in internet about different LED strips and it’s characteristics.

Let’s assume that you have already selected the best from your perspective LED strip.

Pixel controller

Let’s try to figure out how to light up the LED strip with the help of a pixel controller.

Why not just use an Arduino or Raspberry PI?

Arduino and RPI for Lighting

Arduino Mega has direct support for LED pixels and digital LED strips with drivers type: WS2811, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812. The WS2812B uses a one-wire control interface with strict timing requirements (timing requirements so strict that it is typically impractical to have interrupt-based events running on the controlling micro-controller while it is updating the WS2812B LEDs). You could spend some time developing your own lighting firmware on OctoWS2811 library for Tensy device ( Arduino compatible ) if your want to create it from scratch.

Raspberry PI could work directly with WS2801/APA102, LPD8806, P9813 and with WS2811 and WS2812 pixels via Scanlime Fadecandy USB interface. But, LED strips on WS2801 chip is expensive, so Raspberry PI is not a best deal for that.

Let’s see which pixel controller is already available on the market.

Continue reading


Dynamic Decorative lighting in Ventspils city

Decorative lighting accentuates the beauty of the city at night and creates a wonderful, celebratory mood. Ventspils is a Latvian capital of flowers, fountains, and decorative lighting; all over the city, you can find colorful cow sculptures, squares, and courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, fountains with lighting, and tastefully arranged flowerbeds, decorative lighting stairs in the park, seats with lighting on at an open-air stage, and dynamic lighting on a drawbridge (opened in 2011). And now I want to introduce you to the new, dynamic lighting object “Waves” that was opened on October 24, 2015. The “Waves” lighting installation located in Ventspils (3 Kr. Valdemara street) at the Ostas Street promenade (or Ventmala) beginning.

dynamic lighting installation waves in Ventspils city

The “Waves” lighting installation in Ventspils city at day


This lighting installation works only after dark and displays dynamic lighting waves with a smooth, dynamic color change. This object is interesting because the lighting can be controlled remotely from an iOS device or PC. Of course, this possibility is only provided to authorized staff. Dynamic decorative objects are equally popular for tourists and locals. The lighting attracts attention and has a major, positive impact on the city representation and recognizability.


Technical details:

roof terrace decorative lighting

Using Android device as DMX touch panel for Luxury apartment roof terrace LEDs

Roof terraces are one of the dreams of Modernist architecture and today we are talking about decorating roof terrace in high tech architectural style. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the city and the park. The city lights produce a soothing effect that is so badly needed after a long day at work. But how to make the terrace lighting more alive and aligned with our mood?

We used high brightness LED strip (individually controlled) lights hidden under the eaves. During the day, the lights are off and are not visible. When the night comes, the entire perimeter of the terrace is softly lit with controllable LED’s, creating a cozy ambiance.


Apartment terrace lighting design

Waterproof LED strips on terrace

You can use a computer or Wi-Fi enabled phone to control the lighting. Alternatively, you can hang a Tablet PC on a wall to control the lighting when your computer or phone is not around.


root terrace decorative lighting with remote control

Control your roof lighting remotely


Technical details:

  1. High brightness LED strip individually controlled with ArtNet controller for 4 universe
  2. Pixout ArtNet recorder with PixoutRemote application
  3. Ethernet switch



Two inspired Christmas tree lighting projects in Latvia

Create magical atmosphere in your backyard or decorate main Christmas tree in your town it is possible with LED lighting decoration. Take a look and get inspired of two projects in Latvia with unique Christmas atmosphere. Those projects emits magical atmosphere and everybody gonna love it for surely. Take a look and get inspired to make this Christmas atmosphere like never before. Have a fun and enjoy!

Christmas tree with LED lighting in Latvia

Private house in Latvia/Riga
Beautiful Christmas tree decorated with LED lamps and remote control from your preferred remote device ( tablet PC, PC or iOS device )
Technical Details:

  • ArtNet controller for LED lamps, 4 universe
  • Super bright and waterproof LED lamps (80mm diameter each lamp)
  • Pixout ArtNet recorder  ( 4 universe, waterproof ) for effects recording from MADRIX software and then replaying it. The recorder located on the tree and have Wireless connection till house router.
  • Pixout Remote iOS free application allows you to interact with your Pixout ArtNet recorder via a local Wi-Fi or global network quickly and conveniently and change pre-recorded effects on the fly


Christmas tree with LED lighting in RezekneMain Christmas tree on Christmas/New year festival in Rezekne (region of eastern Latvia). Video
Technical Details:

  • ArtNet controller for LED lamps, 4 universe
  • Super bright and waterproof LED lamps (80mm diameter each lamp)
  • Pixout ArtNet recorder  ( 4 universe, waterproof ) for effects recording from MADRIX software and then replaying it.